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The 2018 Academy Awards with be presented on Sunday, March 4th. I’m sure all of us will be rooting for “Lady Bird” and Greta Gerwig.

After the awards are handed out, there may be more conversations among members of the film community about taking Sacramento to the “next level”, which is worthwhile.

I’ve read so many post about getting the “right” headshot, the right actor’s reel, the right audition techniques, the best way to self-tape an audition, etc. that I often wonder where “training” fits within the list.

I just wish had the resources to sponsor an “Actor’s Lab”, where actors could push the proverbial envelop a bit, try out different techniques, work with different actors and directors, engage in challenging scene studies that would help bring about the growth needed to be a true professional. I attended one in LA and it was amazing. Plus, it was ongoing. Actors could sign in during the week … and the weekend…. and DO THE WORK!!

A couple weeks ago I offered a series of free acting for the camera workshops. So far, my gmail account hasn’t exactly blown up with interested actors. I just hope that isn’t the case, generally, with Sacramento film actors.

I feel that if you really are committed to your craft as an actor in film, you need to be working in front of a camera…..I don’t care….4K, 2K, cellphone, your dad’s old super 8. Just challenge yourself to do better each time you push the record button. You have to do that, with all your heart, to be any good…. John Kenneth Wagner

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