So glad you’ve dropped in to our new online magazine.
I assume you’re interested in the goings-on with the Sacramento Filmmaking Scene. Me too.
You probably already know, or have guessed… we have a vibrant, talented, and energized filmmaking community here in Northern California.

I’ve been making movies for over 50 years, and most of you will know me from the last 21 years as the owner of The Studio Center. Having made nearly 30 short movies ( some award winners ) and 2 full length features… I guess you can say I’ve got some street creds.

Obviously, I love filmmaking and I work on my craft nearly everyday. However I’ve noticed the Sacramento Movie Making community lacked a bit of cohesiveness… and dare I say, “Promotion”. To that end, I decided to jump into the online magazine publishing venture you see here.

The main purpose is add a place for our community to gather information and discussion of appropriate issues and topics. I can’t tell you how many times I would get calls asking… “Hey Frank, Do you know any Audio Guys?”, or “Help, I need a make-up person this weekend”, or “Who’s a good camera guy WITH a great camera?”… etc. That gave birth to our new Resource Guide here in SacFilmZine. Here’s where I hope to provide you with readily available information to answer all those questions. This will mainly focus on all the folks working behind the camera, since the Actor community already has many great resources… but don’t count that out down the road.

Another great resource will be our Current Productions page. Here we hope to list all the productions in various stages. We want to give you the opportunity to contact the producing teams to establish a contact should you wish to join their team on their project. There is no where else I’ve seen that information available.

Lastly, we need to toot our own horn. We need articles about what we’re doing in Sacramento… and then shop those articles to other national media to see if we can get some press about our Northern California Filmmaking community. It’s a great story to be telling… and I hope to move that along.

Of course we can’t do this without your participation and commentary. I want you to contact me with your information, comments, insights… or simply questions.
Let the journey continue ….

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Frank Casanova

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  1. 28th May 2018 | Marni Webb says:
    Hi Frank!

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