Why We Make Movies, Part 1

http://www.sacfilmzine.online/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/camera-filmmaker2-1.jpegWhy We Make Movies, Part 1

To make a movie is hard work most of the time.
It’s not like taking a photograph, composing a song, painting a picture… or maybe even writing a book. Certainly some of those endeavors may also be very hard work, but those generally are solitary efforts. Movie making is considered a “collaborative art”… meaning it usually takes many others to work with you in accomplishing the final product. It’s a significan endeavor.

So why do we do it? It is an artistic expression… just like that painting, song, or prose. Indeed, it combines elements of all those into that one presentation.

Movies are an important means of communication of ideas, ideals, mores, culture, etc… or simply entertainment. Again, it can be all the above in one presentation. That is probably part of the lure of making movies. The means of expression are almost limitless… bounded only by one’s imagination, time, and budget.

Movies cut out the middleman on the way to communicating with our subconscious. We think in the form of images for the most part. We are constantly translating a novel’s text that we are reading into images. Music will promote imagery in our imagination. The imagery of a painting will evoke emotions within us. Movies do all that, and more.

When we combine many of those art forms together with intensity, their effect on the human subconscious in extremely powerful. I can make you cry, double you over with laughter…encourage you to change a government.
It is one of the most powerful art forms.

On the surface, a movie is first and foremost generally considered entertainment. With this piece of entertainment, we have the chance to expose it to many more people than might have the occasion to see our stage play, view our painting, listen to our song, or even read our book.

That said, I do believe we filmmakers will first consider making a movie out of the sheer joy and excitement of the project. It doesn’t have to be the product of some deep thinking, but rather the wonder of the playground about to be provided. My first movies were not some earth shaking ideas that would change the world… far from it. They were simply some very clichéd Hollywood style recreations of well worn genres… a western, and later a gangster saga. They were made for one over riding reason: I wondered what it would feel like to MAKE a western… to MAKE a gangster movie. And at 14 years old, I fortunately had a few friends who wondered the same thing. They became the cast and crew. We had no illusions or delusions of making a “product”. We were doing this for the absolute FUN of it… and that’s what I would say to all beginning filmmakers. You’re going to make your first movies for the fun of it. Revel in that. It’s the sheer joy of filmmaking.
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  1. 7th February 2018 | al cacioppo says:
    Filmmaking is a lot like trying to live a fulfilling life-------the joy and love is in the journey---enjoy it. Frank, love the new "Zine"
  2. 8th February 2018 | Laura Tapia says:
    Excited to see how Sacfilmzine will evolve. Best of luck Frank. Laura
  3. Great article Frank! I just shared this blog with some friends of mine.

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