In-Production Updated: 2-26-2018

Mendocino“,   2018,   Full Length Feature
John Kenneth Wagner (Director / Producer)
Starring: John Logsdon 

The Bullet Chronicles 2 – Sisters of Pain“,  Full Length Feature:   Crime & Paranormal.   Auburn
Sac Casting #1386

Wild Cards“,    Webisode,    2018
Connor Hunt

The Slayer Cronicles”,   1-2018
Jason Knittle II, Director,
Shawnda Christiansen

Next Door”,   Feb 2018
Randy Nundall (Jr.),   Director

GRUNK the Smasher”, 2-2018
Christy Savage, Director ( )

Skin Deep”      Short Movie,    May, 2018
Christena McManus,  Director,   Glenn Spillman,  Producer (

Judge Carlos”,  Webisodes  2-9-2018,   Roseville
Carlos Mencia, Director,

Death Kiss”,  12-11-17
Rene Perez, Director,     Producer Jeff Miller,     iDiC Entertainment.    Vigilante stalks urban streets.
Redding & Sacramento SacCasting-1289

Soul Cage”,   Current January 2018
Robert Parham, Director
Glenn Spillman,

A Raven’s Cry”, in production 12/2017
Glenn Spillman,

Designation”,   Short Movie
Sac Casting – #1294 

Aarsu-e-Mann” (What Your Heart Desires) Webisodes,   12-13-17
set in San Francisco with Pakistani-Am girl
Jackie Dallas on Amazon Prime

Legends of the Cage… After the Final Bell”,  TBA in 2018
Glenn Spillman (Producer),

(Student Film) CFAAnews 12-2017

(Casting) CFAAnews, 12-2017 To start in Feb.

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